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Ways to give back to others!

We thought it would be a great idea to share some thoughts on giving back and helping in the community. Sometimes we may think only financially or mission trips we can do to help others, which while those are amazing options, their are plenty of things to do right in your own community.

Idea #1) Volunteer at your church. Whether they need someone to help greet people on Sunday Mornings, maybe help cook a meal for someone in need or even help decorate the church. It's amazing to see all that goes into the church as a whole. Someone to help watch the kids all the way to sound, lights if they have them and more. It's a team, a family that works together to make everything happen just as God intended for it to be.

Idea #2) Ask your neighbor if you can help them in any way. Everyone lives different lives and you never know what is going on or who may need help. Try writing a kind letter to a neighbor and see if you can pray for them in any way or if maybe they need their lawn mowed or house cleaned. Jesus loved on people and that's what we are supposed to do in this life.

Idea #3) Pay it forward and buy someone's meal. Whether you are in a drive thru or at a restaurant again you could be helping someone and not even know it. Also, showing kindness is just amazing when some people are in unbelief that someone would care enough to do that. We always pray about who we can help and then allow God to speak to us on who we can help. It's awesome to hear people's stories and be able to witness to those around you in your community.

Idea #4) Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen. Most local communities you can find food banks, soup kitchens and more to be able to give your time and assist with people in need. You can also bring your kiddos in some of these places if you have any and able to teach them how to love on others and help.

I hope some of these ideas above give you some inspiration on how to help in your own community.


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