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Happy 36th Birthday Brandon!

Today is Brandon's 36th Birthday, we know he is high in the Heavens flying with Angels having a Grand Party with Jesus! We are so proud of you and who you became in everything you did, touched. no matter the task or job or even just helping another in need you never turned anyone away. Your heart was after Christ and you treated everyone with the upmost respect and care. You always made the people you came in contact with smile, honestly more laugh than anything because of the joy and jokes you always handed out. You may have only spent 21 short years here making a difference, but even in heaven making your imprint loving and helping the past 15 years and there not even being time in heaven my mind can't even imagine what all you have done, accomplished and who you have helped along the way. We are so thankful for who you are and the signs God sends us and the care you have for us.

We strive to continue the kindness you always had for everyone and keep making a difference as Christ would want us to in honor of You! We know you may not be here physically, but spiritually you never leave us.

Here is to your 36th birthday, Happy Birthday Brandon!!! We Miss You So Much!!!


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