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Who was Brandon Kelso and what was his mission here on earth? 

Brandon was born in Asheville N.C.. From the day he was born until the day God called him home, he was fun, loving and a joy to be around.  His smile was contagious and he would light up any room he walked in.  He developed long term friendships by just being himself.  Most importantly, Brandon loved the Lord with his whole heart.  His relationship with God was the most important thing in life to him.  He was very active in church and small groups. 



Brandon was very close with his entire family. No matter how

busy he was, he always took the time to make his family and

friends feel important. He lived every day to the fullest. 


All that knew Brandon even if for only a short time, knew that he

had a love for motorcycles and sports cars.  On a sunny day, you

knew he would be out riding his motorcycle.  If it was cold or

rainy, he would be sporting around in his SS Camaro. 

One conversation with him let you know that he had a love for bikes

and cars.



Brandon was excellent at anything he did.  He was an all or none

type of person.  You knew that you were getting 100% with anything

he was doing.  Brandon had taken a break from college, he had

wanted to be an attorney all through high school.  While on his

college break, he was a salesman for Sprint.  He was winning regional

awards almost on a monthly basis.  He had won a national award that

was presented to me after he went to Heaven.  He had a drive to succeed

and did at anything he put his mind too.  The drive that Brandon had is

exactly what we want to carry forward in honor of him. 





It's so hard to summarize this amazing man that we had the opportunity to call son and big brother.  We loved him with our whole hearts and so did all those who were blessed to know him.  We feel honored to have shared our life with him.  Brandon is loved and missed more than words could possibly express, but I know his contagious heart is exactly what he would want us to be sharing with you.  

Brandon's Quote for Life

" If God gets you to it, He will see you through it".......


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