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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That being said we all know or have someone either close to us or a friend that has had to experience this heartbreaking experience. Each Month we strive to either tell you a little bit about how Brandon was and what his Charity Means to Us or about another Wonderful Charity that we can spread the word about and raise awareness too!

Think Pink October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Support The Fight!

Although, My Brother would laugh about me posting Pink on his Website, He would Absolutely Support Me Doing It! He would want each and every person to know about Him and how He would Support Any Good Cause No Matter How Small or How Big! His Heart Was Bigger than anyone's I have ever met! PleaseGo Out and Support the Fight this Month and Letting Others Know About Breast Cancer Awareness Month and How We Can All Make A Difference whether by Donation, Volunteering or Giving in Some other way!

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