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Easter Event at Halterman's Toyota

Today is a special day! May 6th 1987 is when my Big Brother was welcomed here on earth! It's his Birthday! For us it has always been a special time and will Always be a special time! Each year we as a family and a few of brother's friends get together, cookout and have his favorite meal with cake, fellowship and celebration of how amazing he is and how God used him in so many ways. I feel so blessed to be called his Little Sis. My brother's favorite meal is phenomenally amazing, if you knew how good our momma cooked, you would totally get it :-)

Imagine a warm summer day, not too hot though and the grill kicked on with chicken being slow cooked, but this is not just any chicken, brother and momma always go BIG. This is tender chicken topped with bbq sauce, mushrooms, sizzling bacon and melted cheese, WOW! It doesn't stop there though, we always have these amazing grilled baked potatoes that are soaked in butter and kosher salt along with a refreshing caesar salad and nanny's sweet iced tea. We end our night with cake, the candles are blown out by his niece and nephew and we blow up glow in the dark balloons for his age and send them to Heaven with messages all over them.

My Brother- Special, Loving, God Fearing... I can't imagine what kind of parties they have in Heaven worshipping the Lord and loving one another.

God is Love. My brother walked this, spoke this and showed God's wonderful light everyday he was here on earth and still is doing so as he is in Heaven.

I Miss You Brother! Happy Birthday Big Brother, Me and Mom Love You more and are One Day Closer to You!

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