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What an Amazing Heavenly Father we Have!

Between March and April we usually celebrate Easter! Easter for our family was all about Jesus! We always got to go to church and learn about his amazing love for us and about what this time meant. When I was young and learning it was quite amazing and now it's even more extraordinary to me than I would of ever imagined.

I have to say as I've grown and learned people are what Jesus is all about, the love of people and how to share that love. I am blessed and thankful to be a part of a such an extraordinary family who has taught and showed me these exmples. A wonderful example to show this is our Easter Event we had at Halterman's Toyota last weekend! Wow what a blast that was. To see people, children and families get together as one and enjoy yummy BBQ, let the kids have some fun with easter eggs and others give back to those around them.

Brandon's Homes 4 Hope sold so many cookies, brownies and pies we were super excited! Not only that we had Breezy's Jewelry, Mcdonalds, Women's Resource Pregnancy Center and the Miller-Keystone Blood Mobile there. It was a great turn out and tons of fun to be able to share such a special time with everyone!

Thank You all for who follow our blog and support us, I pray for many blessings this Easter and feel blessed to be able to use my brother's Charity for the good of others and to spread the love of Jesus!

Many Blessings!

Britney Overstreet (Brandon's Little Sis)

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