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Superbowl is ahead!!!

Superbowl Time! We want to hear how you celebrate your superbowl! Not only that what is your favorite part, the game, the commericals or maybe just the yummy food? I have to say this was always a very special and fun time of year with my brother! We always had friends and family come over to our Nanny & Pappaw's house to watch the game. I loved seeing everyone laugh, talk and just together to do something fun. It was so funny to see who would choose which team and what kind of commercials would pop up and most of all probably my favorite part out of all of this was the food! Brother and me always loved the norm, pizza, wings, shrimp w/cocktail sauce, goodness Pappaw would always could up a storm, you never knew what was going to be there.

So let us know your favorite part of the superbowl!

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