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Labor Day Inspiration>Brandon's Favorite Meal

Hey guys!!!

I hope everyone has had a great summer! I know were all headed into our back to school routines and all the while gearing up for Labor Day Weekend Parties. I figured what a great time to show some of my brother’s favorite meal and recipes to you in case you need a little inspiration!

Brandon’s Favorite All Time Meal Momma always cooked him for his birthday!

-Grilled Chicken with Crispy Bacon, Mushrooms and topped off with Shredded Melted Cheddar Cheese

-Caesar Salad with Fresh Shredded Parmesan and Yummy Homemade Croutons

*Homemade Croutons: Cut up bread of your choice into chunks> Pour Olive Oil and Ranch Dip Powder in a Ziploc Bag> Mix> Add Bread Chunks to Coat Well> Bake at 450 in the oven until crispy> Top off on salad and then eat and enjoy

-The Best Baked Potato in the World Fully Loaded with All Toppings You Love

*Before baking them in the oven you want to poke holes in your poatoes with a fork all over> Now coat your baked potatoes with a yummy coating of Worcestershire Sauce, Kosher Salt, Pepper and Melted butter.> Do this throughout the baking process and turn them a couple of times> Yummy! Once all cooked and ready, you can place your favorite toppings on them :-)

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