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Brandon's Homes 4 Hope teaming up with Habitat for Humanity!

Just to start off I want to say thank you to Monroe County Habitat for Humanity for teaming up with Brandon's Homes 4 Hope for such a wonderful day and introducing us to this incredible family. Also thank you to our team of awesome volunteers who worked so hard along with Royal Gourmet Foods who took part in serving lunch for this special day! Then the most important part thank you to the special family welcoming us into their home and letting us be a part of this experience with them.

It was so touching getting to meet this family, learn about their story and their children all the while getting to help work towards an ultimate goal for this family, helping make their home more handicap friendly for David. On the way we prayed for God to show us signs that this is where we were needed and who brother would want us to be with. Well as soon as we walked on the property there was a butterfly right there, which for those of you who know my mom, this is God's sign that brother is always with us. Then we meet Gary and MIchelle who are just so strong, they have had to watch their son go through so much and having to help their daughter cope through it all along with having their loving bouncy 2 year old daughter.

I will try not to tell you every detail, but I'm so in love with this family it's really hard not too:-) I will start off with their oldest, Jennifer who is 8 years old, this girl honestly although quiet and shy I think extremly strong. She has been right by her brother's side from the get go and they are best friends, she never left his side even through pain and not understanding why certain things were happening. Along with this she loves to draw which I will have a special post soon on a surprise specially made by Jennifer. Then let's not even get started on her fantastic baking skills, I think she even surpassed my mom with her banana bread! Yes an 8 year old girl who knows how to make homemade banana bread, such a smart and loving girl.

Then we have David who is their middle child, he is now 7 years old, he just grabs your heart the moment you meet him. David has been on a journey no one ever expected. At 2 1/2 years old he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that they did not think he would survive. Through all the surgeries, chemo, treatments he finally made it through just unfortunatly some of the treatment got a hold of some of his motor skills. Now, David relys on mom and dad fully 24/7 and is in a wheelchair because he is unable to walk or speak. He also is fed though a feeding tube unfortunately. This guy is so loving though, he loves when you lean in and get close to him and he will even give out hugs. Some of David's favorite movies are Toy Story and Tigger. He loves Buzz Lightyear which his new handicap accesible room is just the right color and might I say it just happens to be my brother's favorite color Kawasaki Green, yep David has great taste!

Alright now on to Gilian, their youngest who is 2 1/2 who loves playing princess and being outdoors with her big sister Jennifer and has tons of fun with big brother David watching movies.

The reason I share all of this with you is just so you can know a little bit about this family because with Brandon's Homes 4 Hope of course we want to help with construction and whatever needs are necessary but we also want to get to know our families we work with and build a relationship for a lifetime. God is so good and we want to spread his love and light to as many people as possible. Now that I've given you all the details that I said I wouldnt :-), I ll show you the fun day we had working on this family's home. So the big part is the deck you see the guys working on, this is to function for an on ramp to go all the way to David's room straight from the car. Then they needed a main floor bedroom for David since the upstairs room just would not do and of course a handicap accessible bathroom. we had our crew painting, inserting windows, working on the deck. This family was so appreciative, kind and thankful.

Thank you to this ​wonderful family because although we were helping you, you were also helping us, we know this is what brother wants, is for us to keep going and keep helping. My mom and I appreciate everyone of you so much who were here for this amazing day and for this family to help and support Brandon's Homes 4 Hope!

God Bless and I will touch base with you guys next week on our upcoming events for the summer time!

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