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Well, here we go our first journaling on Brandon’s Homes 4 Hope website. I want to start this off right for my big bro, God I pray that your will be done with my brother’s charity and the families that we come in contact with. This weekend I pray that you guide us, help us to have safety while working, help us to impact this family how you would have. Just help us to always have your light shine through us. Thank You God for getting us to where we are and for where you are taking us, we know nothing is impossible with you and we thank you for this, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Well guys I am so excited for this weekend and the family we are getting ready to help, they have been through a whirlwind with their precious baby boy suddenly and unexpectedly sick, to multiple surgeries, to medical bills piling up and now finally getting to be home, but since having to focus on their son’s needs they are now in need of some serious help with their home to make it safe and cozy for the little ones. This would not be possible if it were not for my big brother, Brandon Lee Kelso.

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